Dr Joanne Dickson BEd, BTh, BA (Hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer and Research Director ZZ (DO NOT USE) was Psychological Sciences


Research Interest 1

Motivation and goal regulation processes are fundamental to human experience and underpin many psychological therapies. My main research interests are in the area of personal goal motivation, affect and future-directed thinking processes and how these psychological processes underpin adult and adolescent mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression, well-being, addiction). My studies have examined a range of explicit and implicit goal processes and goal-related cognitions such as expectancies, plans, motives, attributions, rumination and ambivalence in mental health.

Another research interest is the study of autobiographical memories and personal future events / goals in relation to depression, dysphoria, anxiety, defensiveness and well-being.

I have extensive experience in supervising postgraduate research, using quantitative and qualitative research methods. I am interested in supervising PhD research, particularly in the area of goal-motivation and/or autobiographical memories in adolescent or adult mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, health and well-being).

Research Group Membership

Research Grants

Motivational ambivalence and alcohol abuse


March 2010 - June 2013

Resilience in the carers of people with dementia: a pilot study of the role of carers' sense of meaning in their care


April 2009 - July 2013

Depressed adults' causal explanations and expectancies for personal approach and avoidance goals.


June 2006 - October 2008