Photo of Dr Elisa Puzzolo

Dr Elisa Puzzolo MSc(hons), MPH, PhD

Senior Research Fellow Public Health, Policy & Systems


Household air pollution, energy access and evaluation of clean cooking interventions

My key research areas include:

- Health impacts associated with household air pollution (HAP) from solid fuel use for daily cooking needs in low and middle-income countries
- Adoption of clean fuels at scale, particularly bottled gas as a measure to address HAP
- Monitoring and evaluation of household energy interventions

Current projects
• NIHR Global Health Research Group on Clean Energy Access for the prevention of Non-communicable disease in Africa through clean Air: CLEAN-AIR(Africa) (2018-2021) - Co-Principal Investigator
• Modern Energy Cooking Services Programme (MECS): Evaluation of Energy Efficient Pots for Household Cooking in Kenya (2019-2021) - Principal Investigator
• Household air pollution and risk of esophageal cancer: a case-control study in Western Kenya (2019-2021) - Co-investigator
• Universal Energy Access: the role of Clean Cooking and Climate Change Impacts (4CImpacts), sponsored by the Research Council of Norway (2020-2022) - Co-Principal Investigator

Completed projects
• Modelling the health and climate co-benefits of scaled-up LPG adoption in Cameroon (2017-2018)
• The Mega Conversion Program from kerosene to LPG in Indonesia: Lessons learned and recommendations for future clean cooking energy expansion (2017-2018)
• Enhancing adoption and use of LPG: an implementation science approach to understanding key determinants and impacts of local interventions to address financial constraints. The LPG
• Adoption in Cameroon Evaluation-2 Study (LACE-2) (2016-2017)
• The LPG Adoption in Cameroon Evaluation (LACE-1) (2015-2016)
• What are the enabling or limiting factors influencing the large scale uptake by households of cleaner and more efficient household energy technologies, covering cleaner fuel and improved
solid fuel cookstoves?” (2012-2013)
• European Urban Health Indicators Part Two: Using indicators to inform policy (EURO-URHIS 2) (2010-2011)

Research Grants

Modern Energy Cooking Services Programme


October 2018 - September 2023

Household air pollution and risk of esophageal cancer: a case-control study in Western Kenya


January 2019 - December 2021

Research Collaborations

Dr Eva Rehfuess

External: University of Munich

Household air pollution and health: joint grant holder for DfiD upscaling improved cooking technologies, collaborating on WHO Air Quality Guidelines and associated publications.

Prof. Hisham Zerriffi

Project: Monitoring and evaluation of adoption and use of LPG for cooking in rural Gujarat
External: University of British Columbia

Advisor for the project

Dr Diana Menya

Project: CLEAN-Air(Africa)
External: Moi University

NIHR and MRC existing research grants

Prof. Thomas Clasen

Project: Household Air Pollution Intervention Network Trial (HAPIN)
External: University of Emory

The Household Air Pollution Intervention Network is a randomized multi-country controlled trial to assess the health impacts of switching to LPG in India, Peru, Guatemala and Rwanda