Mrs Claire Saunders

School of Health Sciences


Modules for 2023-24

Applied Sciences in Occupational Therapy 2: Social Sciences

Module code: OCCU473

Role: Teaching

Introduction to Occupational Therapy Professional Practice

Module code: OCCU474

Role: Teaching

Leadership and Service Development for Occupational Therapy Practice

Module code: OCCU477

Role: Teaching

Occupational Therapy Toolkit 1

Module code: OCCU173

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Occupational Therapy Toolkit 2

Module code: OCCU272

Role: Teaching

Occupations throughout the life-course

Module code: OCCU172

Role: Teaching

Person in Context

Module code: OCCU176

Role: Teaching

Professional Practice 2

Module code: OCCU179

Role: Teaching

Professional Practice 5

Module code: OCCU378

Role: Teaching