Dr Carolyn Lees SFHEA, PhD, MSc Applied Research, MEd, DN, RGN

Senior lecturer School of Health Sciences


Research Overview

Research Activity
The CAREN Project. The RISE survey - tRainee paramedics’ vIews on readineSs to practicE
‘Trainee Paramedics Perceived Readiness to Manage Seizures Relative to Some Other Presentations. A Mixed Methods Study’.

NIHR (co applicant) Personalising renal function monitoring and interventions in people living with heart failure.

Lees, C. Marshall, H. & Yip, J. What are the perceptions of community nursing from undergraduate adult student nurses and did a community focused simulated session affect their views? A Qualitative Study

Lees, C. Marshall, H. Walker, C. & Cleary, J.P .The impact of the COVID pandemic on nursing students’ perceptions of their preparedness for becoming registered nurses: Three personal accounts.

Lees, C. Marshall, H. Nursing Students Experiences of Caring for an Adult with a Learning Disability. A Qualitative Study

Lees, C. & Prior, H. What are the experiences of informal carers of individuals who have a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis? A Narrative Review of the Literature.

Lees, C. Marshall, H. Parkinson, D. Cromer Hayes, M. and Deane, K. Nursing Students Experiences of Caring for an Adult with a Learning Disability,

Lees, C. Porritt, B. Cleary, J.P. and Keane, P. 2022 The Experiences, Perceptions and Understanding of Student Nursing on Academic Resilience. A Phenomenological Approach

Lees, C. The challenges of online learning within the context of switching post graduate international students from taught sessions on campus to online delivery of a Masters in nursing programme.

Lees, C. 2019. Exploring the experiences of those caring for someone at risk from falling in their own home using a content analysis framework.

Lees C, Morrell-Scott N, Beaumont C. The development, implementation and evaluation of peer academic mentors for students using a phenomenological approach