Dr Anne-Louise Humphreys PhD

Lecturer, Director of Studies MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre Registration) School of Health Sciences


Adult Mental Health

I maintain a clinical and research interest in adult mental health, cognitive behavioural therapy and posttraumatic stress problems.
I have investigated the psychological effects of road traffic crashes and early approaches to address social support and brief early access to treatment. My doctoral thesis focused on "Minimising the psychological consequences of road crashes" through the assessment of existing data collection systems, assessment of PTSD risk whilst casualties attended A&E and brief early CBT intervention for those with emergent psychological trauma.

Simulation in clinical practice

Through a combination of practice placement needs and the impact of COVID 19 on placement opportunities together with colleagues I have designed and undertaken research into the effectiveness of simulation within clinical practice education. Findings support the merit of being able to learn and develop skills and confidence within a safe learning environment.

Well-being through Occupation

Within occupational science literature is a consistent theme focusing on the relationship between valued and meaningful activities, health and well-being. This concept elates closely to the emergent use of social prescribing to promote increased health and well-being that is seen within the UK.
Research to investigate the impact and mechanisms of the relationship between these factors is being undertaken and developed across a range of valued leisure interests to inform the occupational science knowledge base.

Research Collaborations

Prof Josie Billington

Project: Shared reading for Chronic Pain

Project to explore the experiences and impact of a shared reading group for people with chronic pain.
Comparison of the impact of shared reading vs CBT for people with Chronic Pain.


External: Roadpeace

I am involved in the development of a grant bid to establish and evaluate a support group for parents whose children have been killed in a road crash

Professor Whittington

Project: Violence Project

A review of Violence literature