Photo of Dr Alexandros Alexiou

Dr Alexandros Alexiou PhD, MPhil, AFHEA

Research Associate Public Health, Policy & Systems


    Health Geography and Health Inequalities

    I am interested in Heath Geography, with a focus on health inequalities and the social determinants of health. I'm also broadly interested in the demographics of populations; with some emphasis on the analysis of outcomes at the small area level. I have taken part in a variety of studies regarding socio-economic characteristics of populations and their relationship with local health outcomes, including local government expenditure and funding, housing, urban morphology and digital behaviours of populations. Methodologically, my research draws a lot of inspiration from geographical methods but is also grounded in more traditional epidemiological approaches such as ecological studies, as well as econometric models.

    Population Analysis, Geodemographics and Geocomputation

    I'm interested in population analysis and the study of socio-spatial patterns. I have experience using a variety of methods and techniques within computational geography, particularly in the context of geodemographic research, such as cluster analysis, small-area estimation and spatial multilevel models.

    Data Science

    I have significant experience working with data from various sources, such as survey and administrative data, but also secure data provided by businesses and organisations. I have created a number of unique data products, such as the Internet User Classification. Currently, I am involved in the The Place-Based Longitudinal Data Resource (PLDR data repository, where I have been working on developing and compiling longitudinal geographical datasets for health research, among others.