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Schwartz Rounds Project


Schwartz Rounds are a multidisciplinary forum designed for all staff working in healthcare settings to come together once a month to discuss and reflect on the personal aspects of caring for patients - that is, the emotional and social challenges associated with their jobs.

The underlying premise is that healthcare staff are more able to connect personally with patients and colleagues when they have greater insight into their own responses and feelings, in a confidential space where they can process these feelings by listening to and sharing their experiences with colleagues.

Encouraging healthcare workers to make the unbearable bearable through the smallest acts of kindness

Licensed in the UK by the Point of Care Foundation, Schwartz Rounds are now running in over 130 healthcare organisations across the UK.

The University of Liverpool is running a Health Education England (in the North West) funded pilot project, introducing Schwartz Rounds into healthcare education programmes and evaluating the Rounds and their impact. .