Knowledge Exchange


  • Court reports (adversarial/inquisitorial jurisdictions) on witness credibility and fitness to plead, intelligence, suggestibility, personality, malingering, suspect interviews, witness interviews, and hypnosis.
  • Examples: R v. Dyer ( 2008), R v. Barker (2008), R v. Knight (2008) and R v. Sherwin (Wagstaff, 2012).
  • Reports have also been provided for interviewing in major crime, criminal behavioural analysis and crime linking. These include the recent case of Teina Pora (New Zealand), The M5 crash, The £26 million Northern Bank Robbery.
  • Alison also is key psychological advisor for the Hydra Foundation’s Critical and Major Incident debriefs. These include the 7/7 bombings, the Boxing Day Tsunami and Preparations for the London Olympics (a full list can be found at


  • Decision Making in Critical Incidents: Interoperability and Inertia: Merseyside Fire and Rescue, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue, North West Ambulance Service, Joint Interoperability Conference for Chief Fire Officers, North Wales Police, Merseyside Police, Police National CBRN Centre, LAPD, National Research Institute for Policing Tokyo, ACCOP, Singapore
  • Police Interviewing: National program for interviewing terrorists, formulation of national advanced interviewing for indecent images of children
  • Witness Preparation and Courtroom Questioning: Judicial College, Professional Bodies
  • Liverpool Interview Protocol (LIP): Police Constabularies: Major Crime Investigation
  • Near Misses: Health & Safety Executive; Safety, Health & Environment Agencies; Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
  • ACPO Terrorism and Allied Matters (KE)
  • Merseyside Police (Research/KE)
  • West Yorkshire Police (KE)
  • Kent Police (KE)
  • Avon and Somerset Police (KE)
  • Hesse State Police (research/KE)
  • Thomas Lowe Defence (research/KE)
  • SAAB Training Systems (Research/KE)
  • Hyperbaric Medicine Ltd (Research/KE)