Knowledge Exchange

The group offers consultancy and collaborates with industry and public agencies in support of research, product innovation, health interventions, policy formation, regulatory affairs and education.

  • Aiding product development and fulfilling demand for functional foods (e.g. SATIN, SWEET)- Through collaborative research with industry (multinationals, SMEs) and academic partners we apply our expertise to aid product development and use our Human Ingestive Behaviour Laboratory to test new concepts and innovations in food processing that could enhance consumer satiety and support healthier dietary choices.
  • Heinz: Emotionally-positive social imagery and attention to food images - The University's expertise was applied to assisting the consumer insight team in identifying consumers' psychological and physical reactions to a product, with the long-term aim of finding ways to better guide communication with consumers.
  • Exploring policy options through research - In collaboration with the World Health Organization and UNICEF, the University’s expertise is being applied to explore ways of mitigating the impact of food marketing on children’s food choices and health.
  • Assessing efficacy of candidate weight loss drugs – The university’s expertise in clinical trial design and psychopharmacology has led to consultancy with pharmaceutical companies such as Boehringer-Ingelheim to assess patient benefits of taking candidate weight-loss drugs.