Knowledge Exchange

We work closely with Alcohol Change UK to improve dissemination of alcohol-related research to the public, as well as with key military charities (Laura Goodwin), and the Society for the Study of Addiction (Suzi Gage, Jo Anne Puddephatt). In addition, our many interdisciplinary research and clinical collaborations help us to maximise the impact of our research. A number of us are active members of the Liverpool Centre for Alcohol Research, which supports us to conduct clinically relevant research with local NHS Trusts.

Members of the addiction group write about addiction research for our own blog, the Mental Elf website, and various other media organisations including the Guardian, the Conversation and Cosmic Shambles.

Recent media appearances by members of the group include Radio 4’s ‘Start the Week’ programme (Suzi Gage 2020), and BBC Breakfast (Suzi Gage, 2019). We also discuss our research with local public at events like Meet the Scientist in the World Museum and Pint of Science. We took a stall of activities based on our research to the Bluedot (2019) and Green Man (2017) music festivals (Abi Rose, Andy Jones, Suzi Gage, Laura Goodwin, Richard Cooke).

Suzi Gage is active making and appearing on podcasts and writing popular science books, and currently holds a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowship