Interventions for addiction



1.     Project title: Tailored alcohol app for Ex-serving personnel (Drinks:Ration; formerly InDEx)

Principal investigator: Dr Laura Goodwin

Project summary: It is established that military personnel drink more than the general population. This project is a collaboration with King’s Centre for Military Health Research (funded by the Medical Research Council) and has involved the development of an electronic tailored alcohol intervention for ex-serving personnel, tested in a feasibility study with quantitative and qualitative evaluation (

2.     Project title: Cognitive training to reduce alcohol use

Principal investigator: Dr. Andrew Jones

Project summary: These studies examine whether cognitive biases for alcohol cues can be reduced through training and if so, does this have a causal effect on subsequent drinking behaviours.

3.     Project title: Alcohol use during pregnancy and early motherhood

Principal investigator: Dr Abi Rose

Project summary: The UK has one of the highest rates of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and alcohol use can have a negative impact on the health and well-being of mothers and their children. Despite a lack of research focused on alcohol use once a mother gives birth, drinking to cope with the stresses of motherhood may be a hidden public health issue. This project seeks to establish attitudes around drinking during pregnancy and motherhood, and perceived barriers to drinking within recommended guidelines. This will inform the development of a user-led intervention aimed at supporting pregnant women and mothers drink within recommended guidelines.