Comorbidity with mental health




1.     Project title: Triggers of help seeking for alcohol problems in ex-serving personnel: the role of recognition and mental health co-morbidity

Principal investigator: Dr Laura Goodwin

Project summary: This collaborative work with King’s College London (funded by the Forces in Mind Trust) will use representative secondary data to examine i) What factors determine whether ex-serving personnel recognise an alcohol problem? and ii) Which ex-serving personnel are more likely to seek help for an alcohol problem, and is help seeking more or less likely in those with a comorbid mental health problem?. 

2.     Project title: The role of mental health in understanding the alcohol harms paradox

Principal investigator: Dr Laura Goodwin

Project summary: This work involves secondary data analysis of the South East London Community Health Study (collaboration with King’s College London) and the Alcohol Toolkit study (collaboration with University College London and King’s College London) to examine the role of mental health in the alcohol harms paradox (i.e. the fact that alcohol consumption is increased in higher socioeconomic groups, but alcohol harms are greatest in lower socioeconomic groups).

3.     Project title: The impact of childbirth on maternal mental health and health behaviours

Principal investigator: Dr Abi Rose

Project summary: It is well-established that mental health disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, increase risk of hazardous drinking within a number of populations. However, the link between post-natal PTSD and alcohol use has not been determined. This project looks at the impact of childbirth on drinking behaviour, specifically whether experiencing birth as traumatic increases alcohol use, and whether this association is mediated by mental health symptomatology