Our research and impact

The department engages in a wide range of research that has a significant impact in primary, community, mental health and social care at a local and global level.


ARC NWC aims to improve outcomes for patients and the public through collaboration working by bringing together academics, health and social care providers, members of the public, universities and local authorities. Its vision is to improve the quality, delivery and efficiency of health and care services; reduce health inequalities and increase the sustainability of the health and care system both locally and nationally.



The aim of ARISE is to undertake research that has a positive impact upon the health and lives of the people of Liverpool and beyond. ARISE is a unique partnership between the University of Liverpool and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust (www.merseycare.nhs.uk).

ARISE is committed to continuous improvement via collaborative partnership working with policy makers, clinicians, service users and academics to ensure our research has impact and public benefit. The majority of the work conducted under the umbrella of ARISE fits within one of the following three priorities established by Mersey Care’s Centre for Perfect Care (CfPC) (www.centreforperfectcare.com/) reflecting both National and local priorities for mental health care.



FEMUR III is definitive randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of a community-based Rehabilitation package following hip fracture. Hip fracture is a common, major health problem in old age, especially for people with other health problems or who are frail. Some patients who suffer this type of fracture need surgery to repair it. They take a long time to recover, and others may not recover fully.

Once patients are discharged, the routine care they receive can vary depending on local NHS policy. Some may not find it as easy to live independently afterwards.

We have designed an enhanced rehabilitation package for patients who are recovering from this surgery, which is delivered in addition to standard NHS care. FEMuR III will compare the enhanced package with standard NHS care to see if it can improve recovery for patients.


RDS (Research Design Service North West)

The RDS provides design and methodological support to health and social care researchers in the North West of England to develop grant applications to the NIHR and other open national peer-reviewed funding programmes.


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