Photo of Mr Andy Pennington

Mr Andy Pennington MPlan; AFHEA

Research Fellow Psychological Sciences


    Personal Statement

    Andy is a cross institute research fellow working within the Department of Public Health and Policy: a World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Policy Research on the Social Determinants of Health Equity, and the Department of Psychological Sciences. He is a researcher and project manager on the ESRC What Works Centre for Wellbeing Community Wellbeing Evidence Programme, and a Built Environment Expert with the Design Council CABE. He also teaches classes on evidenced-based decision-making and Health Impact Assessment in the department of Public Health and Policy. After qualifying as a town planner, he has gained over 15 years' experience in public health research, consultancy and teaching focusing on health inequalities, community wellbeing, empowerment, Health Impact Assessment and urban health. Andy has dedicated much of his career to understanding the relationships between the physical environment and health/health inequalities, and the relationships between control/empowerment and the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. He develops and applies innovative approaches to identify and synthesise evidence from a wide variety of specialisms to inform decision-making. He has extensive experience of applying evidence to practice through, for example, Health Impact Assessment. He has developed evidence and guidance that has informed debate and practice within the UK Parliament and the European Commission.