Collaboration with Manchester and Lancaster universities, as research partners within the North West Alliance for Mental Health


One in every four people will encounter a mental health concern at some point in their lives. It is the world’s leading cause of disability, and costs an estimated $2,500 billion in treatment and prevention worldwide.

The North West Alliance works with mental health professionals across the region to deliver patient services. Key to this work is a research function, led by a consortium of universities.

Researchers from the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society and across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences have forged a strategic alliance with colleagues from the Universities of Manchester and Lancaster to deliver this work.


This tripartite of research-led universities, all have international profiles and a strong track record of delivering mental health research. Together, they are investigating how social and biological factors interact, and mediated by psychological processes, can lead to mental health problems.

Within the Institute of Psychology, Health and Societywe have particular expertise in understanding problems such as hallucinations, delusional beliefs and mood swings. We have conducted major clinical trials to investigate the effectiveness of both new medications and new psychological therapies. We have also executed investigations into interactions of genes, the environment and the human response to events.


We believe that by working together, this collaboration will make major contributions to improving the mental health and well-being of individuals and societies. For local communities and beyond.