members of the NCD research group


Current projects

NIHR/HTA. 16/165/01 workH.O.R.S.E: Health Outcomes Research Simulation Environment O’Flaherty M (PI), Lloyd-Williams F, Dickson R, Buchan I, Boland A, Collins B, Kypridemos C,Couch P, Capewell S. Nov 2017 – Oct 2019 (£722,000)

British Heart Foundation Programme Grant RENEWAL Vascular Risk and Functional Decline in Old Age: From Discovery to Translation. E Brunner (PI), M Kivimaki, A Singh-Manoux, M Marmot, S Capewell, O'Flaherty M. (Grant total: £1,507,000; Liverpool award, led by O’Flaherty: £485,322)

National Institutes of Health (USA) O’Flaherty PI at Liverpool, award: £176,923; Economic Analyses of Policy Strategies to Improve Diet and Reduce CVD. PI: Renata Micha, Tufts University. 2016 - 2020. (Total: grant $3m)

British Heart Foundation Programme Grant Vascular risk and functional decline in old age. E Brunner (PI), M Kivimaki, A Singh-Manoux, M Marmot, S Capewell, O'Flaherty M. 2013-2017 (Grant total: £1,507,000; Liverpool award, led by O’Flaherty: £215,000)

Qatar National Research Foundation NPRP 7 - 627 - 3 – 167 “Tuberculosis and Diabetes: Quantifying the adverse impact of rising diabetes prevalence on tuberculosis global burden, and estimating the impact of targeted interventions on tuberculosis transmission.” PI: Julia Critchley (St Georges, London) Role: Consultant for Diabetes Modeling. 2015-2018 (Grant total £500,000, Liverpool award led by O’Flaherty $30,000)

IMPACT CVD trend analyses (all locally funded): Slovakia, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Denmark (Social inequalities), The Netherlands (Social inequalities). Role: Cardiovascular clinical and epidemiological aspects, expertise in IMPACT modelling, supervising national teams.

Local Modelling Liverpool. Modelling alternatives for prevention of CVD in Liverpool. O’Flaherty PI. (October 2016). £10,000

NIHR School for Public Health Research. LiLaC, Contributed to LiLaC renewal (awarded, 2016) £1million


National Institutes of Health (USA) Comparative-Effectiveness of Population Strategies to Improve Diet and Reduce CVD. Project Period: 08/15/2013 - 05/31/2017 Grant Number: 1R01HL115189-01A1. Mozaffarian (PI) Role: Co-applicant. Liverpool award: $340,000)
LiLaC, NIHR School for Public Health Research M Whitehead, J Popay, S Capewell, P Diggle, & C Dowrick) 2012-2015 (£3m) Specific project: Modelling preventive interventions to address inequalities in chronic disease. Role: Senior Modeller for the project.

Brazil Government, Science Without Borders Postdoctoral Fellowship. 2013-2015 UPSTREAM: A modeling approach to explore the impact of changing the amount of ultra-processed food on relevant CVD. Prof Patrícia V. L. Moreira, Professora do Departamento de Nutrição da Universidade Federal da Paraíba. Role: Line supervision. Dr M O'Flaherty (primary) Prof S Capewell, & Prof C Monteiro (Total Liverpool award: $105,000)

European Commission FP7 2011 -2015 Grant Agreement No. 281640 "RESCAP-MED". NCDs and their social determinants in Mediterranean partner countries: building sustainable research capacity for effective policy intervention. Role: Co-Applicant, WP fellowships. Peter Phillimore (PI, University of Newcastle) (Grant total 2,000,000 Euros, Liverpool: £66,000).

Slovak National Scholarship for Mr Marek Psota 2014 Slovak IMPACT model (£3000)

Legal & General Insurance Co. 2009-2012 IMPACT SEC: Modelling the health and economic impact of social variations in health care use and behavioral risk factors on future coronary heart disease mortality. Rosalind Raine (PI), Simon Capewell, Martin O'Flaherty, Iain Buchan, Stephen Morris, Richard Morris. Role: co-applicant. (£350,000)

MerseyBEAT phase 1, 2009-2010 Local decision-making for CVD treatment and prevention: promoting evidence-based policies. Capewell S, Lloyd-Williams F, Milton B, O'Flaherty M. Role: co-applicant. (£50,000).

British Heart Foundation & Cardio Vascular Coalition. 2008. Modelling the burden of cardiovascular disease. (S Capewell PI, S Allende, J Critchley, F Lloyd-Williams, M O'Flaherty, M Rayner, P Scarborough). Role: co-applicant. (£60,000)

Liverpool PCTs FSF scheme. 2012-2013 Exploring socio-economic inequalities coronary heart disease prevention. Dr R Ahmed (PI); S Capewell; M O'Flaherty; N Hawkins; E Wilkinson; J Lucy. Role: co-applicant. (£33,000)

IMPACT1: 2009- 2013 Iceland, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia. Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Poland. Czech Republic (all funded locally) Role: Cardiovascular clinical and epidemiological aspects, expertise in IMPACT modelling, supervising national teams.

MRC National Prevention Research Initiative (NPRI3). 2009-2013 Prevention IMPACT: developing and evaluating economic models for planning optimal cardiovascular prevention strategies. Role: Leading work package on Epidemiological modelling project (researcher Dr Maria Guzman) and leading the modelling for the Glasgow-based Health economics modelling project (researchers Dr Helen Mason & Marissa Collins)

EU FP7 EuroHeart II 2011- 2014 Role Supervising the development of IMPACT Forecast models in Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Iceland (WP6, leading the modelling work) PI: Julia Critchley.

EU FP7 MEDCHAMPS: 2009-2012 modelling the CVD epidemic in Middle Eastern countries (EU funding) Role: Member of the Technical Advisory Group, supervision of implementation of IMPACT CHD models, and responsible for the development and implementation of new models (Diabetes and Stroke) for Tunisia, Syria, Palestine and Turkey. PI: Julia Critchley £3million

MRC IMPACT2: 2006-2009 A novel, web based comprehensive CVD model as an aid for health policy decision making (prevention strategies). (MRC funding): Role: Clinical Epidemiology, Modelling PI: Capewell, Buchan

EU Health Programme, European Commission 2011-2014 EuroHeart 2 Lloyd-Williams F, Capewell S, Critchley, J. Work Package 5: Identifying the most effective and cost effective CVD prevention policies across European countries (137,000 Euros) (2 million Euros)

Liverpool First for Health 2010-2011 Parker M, Lloyd-Williams F, Macklin J, Charnley G. Liverpool Nursery Nutrition Project 2010. (£140,000)

Medical Research Council 2009-2012 Capewell S(PI), Donaldson C, Buchan I, Critchley J, Taylor-Robinson D, Lloyd-Williams F. Prevention IMPACT: developing and evaluating economic models for planning optimal cardiovascular prevention strategies. (£500,000)

MerseyBEAT 2009-2010. Lloyd-Williams F. (PI), M Mwatsama, B Milton, S Capewell. Young children’s food in Liverpool day care settings: reducing inequalities in pre-school nutrition policy and practice (£49,850)

MRC 2006-2009 R Harrison, R Edwards, S Capewell, F Lloyd-Williams, L Kennedy, I Harvey, P Bower, R Heller, J Cade, L Hooper, N Lomax, S Sutton, M Mugford, D Broadbent. An exploratory trial using layworkers to support health-related behaviour change in deprived areas through Heart of Mersey. (£226,890)

MRC 2006-2009. Capewell S, Bennett K, Buchan I, Critchley J, Fidan D, Lloyd-Williams F, Morris R, Raftery J, Robinson M, Sanderson C, Eylul D, Unal B, Whincup P. Extending the IMPACT coronary heart disease model to different policy contexts (£371,346)