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HIA Research

IMPACT has co-ordinated various multi-centred national and international HIA research projects. For example, the EC-funded 'Policy HIA for the European Union’ project and 'HIA: Measuring the Effect of Public Policy on Variations in Health' project, funded by Department of Health, UK.

Key methodological publications include the Merseyside Guidelines for HIA (1998, 1st edition and 2001, 2nd edition) and European Policy Health Impact Assessment (EPHIA) Guidelines (2004) for the European Commission (published in French, Dutch, German and English). 

In light of the Commission on the Social Determinants of Health (2008), IMPACT undertook a research study for Liverpool Health Inequalities Research Institute on health equity impact assessment and based on the findings of the study, subsequently piloted the use of a support tool (HEAT) to strengthen the equity focus in HIA.

IMPACT also took part in a 20 country European wide study (EURO URHIS 2) funded by DG Research, developing and testing an Urban HIA screening tool and Urban HIA methodology as part of the Urban Health Indicator System study. Other research interests include Mental Well Being Impact Assessment (publication as MWIA – a Toolkit for Health and Wellbeing 2011), Equity Impact Assessment and Community HIA.

In addition to collaborating with the WHO (Copenhagen, Geneva and Kobe, Japan) in HIA methodological developments and establishing an evidence-base for policy-makers, IMPACT has acted as advisor for national HIA development at government level in many countries, such as France, the Basque country (Spain), Brazil, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA and Chile as well as to the EC, e.g., on HIA capacity building and methodological development. IMPACT also contributed to the development of an HIA assessment tool for HIAs of development planning proposals.