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Knowledge Exchange

Centre for Research into Language Systems

Our team works closely with the Centre for Research, Literature and Society (CRILS), where our focus is to understand the cognitive, affective, and neural basis of the efficacy of The Reader Organization’s “Get Into Reading” programme.  We also direct the evaluation of the new International Centre for Reading and Wellbeing, based at the Calderstones Park Mansion House. More details

Centre for Humanities and Social Science of Health, Medicine and Technology

The Centre for Humanities and Social Science of Health, Medicine and Technology brings together leading research exploring how arts, creativity and critical scholarship enhance our understandings of medical and scientific practice. It also recognises the vital role that arts, humanities and creativity play in enhancing our understandings of medical and scientific practice and health and well-being. More details

Other Knowledge Exchange Activities

  • Assisted in the development of guidelines for the for the WHO’s Mental Health Gap Action Programme, which led to the development of the “mhGAP Intervention Guide for mental, neurological and substance use disorders in non-specialized health settings”.
  • Guidelines to address maternal depression were included in the revised UNICEF Package for Care for Development of children in under-resourced settings.
  • Assisted the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office with the formulation of the maternal and child mental health policy for the region – ratified by all 22 member states – and including a section on the treatment of maternal depression.
  • Contributed to 2 Lancet ‘global health’ series updates: a) Global Mental Health series, and b) Early Child development series.