Working with Partners in the Global South in the Arts and Humanities: Lessons from the Network Plus

Posted on 1 October 2020 by Helen Bryant (AKN)

This report draws on the experiences of project managers from the GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund) Network Plus awards. It highlights key institutional challenges faced while setting up and delivering projects with multiple partners, many of which based in the global south. The operations group was set up so the project managers could troubleshoot some of the major barriers we faced and share best practice. Combined with direct input from our collaborating partners, the report outlines these learnings and develops recommendations for academics, funding councils and development agencies in order for them to think about how, despite ‘ethical’ intentions, their project management and finance systems, are often not equitable and risk inflicting unintended harm. Our aim is to address how, through arts and humanities research methods, we can approach development funding critically in order to engage in sustainable and equitable partnerships in the Global South.


Working With Partners in the Global South in the Arts and Humanities