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British EU security relations

Alex MacKenzie

British politics and political ideologies 

Kevin Hickson 

Comparative public opinion, voting behaviour, political parties and quantitative methods

Raul Gomez Martinez

Gender politics, reproductive rights, feminist approaches to conflict and peace-building, Northern Ireland

Claire Pierson

Immigration, forced labour and human trafficking

Alex Balch

Inequality, conflict and democracy in world politics 

Nicholas Lees

Emerging global powers (China and South Africa), global governance, conflict and security, China-Africa relations, Politics in Africa

Obert Hodzi

International Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping, EU security and defence policy, legitimacy/power/authority

Birte Gippert

Kantian political thought, African political thought and aesthetic approaches to understanding the refugee crisis within international relations

Gemma Bird

Liberal political theory, secularism, and multiculturalism

Nick Martin

Civil society, democratization, EU external support, Turkish studies

Özge Zihnioğlu

Mass-elite linkages, public opinion and public policy, mental health and politics

Luca Bernardi

IR Theory (in particular Post-colonial Approaches), the Concept of Sovereignty and its Transformations, Interventions and Peacebuilding, Responsibility to Protect, the Construction of Identities and Difference in International Politics

Xavier Mathieu

Middle East politics, politics of development, international political economy 

Hannes Baumann

Nations and nationalism, Central Europe, post-Soviet space and the Balkans

Erika Harris

Norm change, private military and security contractors in civil wars and the structure of the market(s) for force

Ulrich Petersohn

Peace and conflict studies, the political economy of inequality and democracy, foreign policy analysis, Southeast Asian politics

Nicholas Lees

Political history of Liverpool/Merseyside, British politics/political history, Conservative Party history, local government in the UK, elections, and populism

David Jeffery

Politics of Northern Ireland, British parties and elections, devolution in the UK

Jon Tonge

Press, television, political and economic opinion in Britain

Neil Gavin

Public policy and the role of policy transfer and learning

David Dolowitz

Rhetoric and oratory in British Party politics

Andrew Crines

UK democratic process and issues with the mechanics of the electoral process

Stuart Wilks-Heeg

Anti-colonial IR theory, race and decolonialisation

Amal Abu-Bakare

Negotiated settlements to civil wars, rebels and power-sharing, conflict resolution (particularly in Africa)

Chelsea Johnson

Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Identity, LGBT+ community formation and activism 

Emma Spruce