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Terrorism and counter-terrorism; radicalisation; foreign fighters; Brexit; the European Union as a security actor 

Alex MacKenzie

British political ideologies, British government since 1945.  

Kevin Hickson 

Comparative public opinion, voting behaviour, political parties and quantitative methods

Raul Gomez Martinez

Reproductive rights, abortion law and access, feminist activism

Claire Pierson

Immigration, forced labour and human trafficking

Alex Balch

Political economy, global inequality, North-South relations, foreign policy analysis, peace and conflict.

Nicholas Lees

Emerging global powers in the Global South; development models; global governance; human rights; China-Africa relations; politics in Africa

Obert Hodzi

International Organisations, Peacebuilding, United Nations, European Union, Western Balkans

Birte Gippert

Critical Migration Studies, Border Regimes, Political Theory, Humanitarianism and Solidarity 

Gemma Bird

Contemporary liberal and republican political theory; religion; social justice

Nick Martin

Civil society, social movements, activism, European Union, Turkish politics

Özge Zihnioğlu

Mental health and politics; political representation; opinion-policy nexus; political behaviour; political psychology

Luca Bernardi

Middle East politics, politics of development, international political economy 

Hannes Baumann

Central and Eastern Europe, nationalism. ethnic politics, Post-communist democratisation

Erika Harris

Privatization of Security; Civil War Dynamics; International Norms

Ulrich Petersohn

Peace and conflict studies, the political economy of inequality and democracy, foreign policy analysis, Southeast Asian politics

Nicholas Lees

Liverpool/Merseyside political history, British politics, party politics, elections and electoral politics, populism, local government

David Jeffery

Northern Ireland; British parties and elections

Jon Tonge

Terrorism and counter-terrorism; peace and conflict studies; civil war dynamics; foreign fighters 

Nicola Matheson

Policy Transfer; Lesson Drawing; Knowledge Updating; Public Policy; Social Policy; Global Public Policy in Practice.

David Dolowitz

Rhetoric & Oratory in British Politics; British Political Leadership; Ideologies; Voting Behaviour; British Foreign Policy from 1945

Andrew Crines

UK elections and party politics, electoral integrity, constitutional reform, local government. 

Stuart Wilks-Heeg

Postcolonial security; Coloniality; Anti-colonial International Relations ; terrorism and  counterterrorism;  racialisation theory

Amal Abu-Bakare

Conflict resolution, power sharing, bargaining for peace, post-conflict democratization, politics of Sub-Saharan Africa

Chelsea Johnson

Sexuality; Gender; Urban Studies; Activism; Feminist/Queer Theory

Emma Spruce

Public policy, urban governance, democratic innovation, participation, co-production

Catherine Durose

Terrorism and counter-terrorism; racialization of drug policies; quantitative approaches to gender studies. 

Mariaelisa Epifanio

Authoritarian regimes; Democratization and regime changes; Political institutions; China and Southeast Asian Politics

Felix Wiebrecht