Dr Ulrich Petersohn

Senior Lecturer in International Politics Politics


    Research Interest 1

    Currently Ulrich’s research focuses broadly on the following topics:

    (1) Norm Change: Normative change occurs regularly, and in some instances norms get de-institutionalized. The project investigates under what circumstances norms disappear, get substituted, or merely curtailed in their regulatory scope.

    (2) Private Military and Security Contractors (PMSCs) in Civil Wars: PMSCs are present in almost any conflict zone. The main focus of the project is to explore the repercussions of their presence on civil war dynamics.

    (3) Structure of the Market(s) for Force: Force gets increasingly commodified and traded on markets. The project explores different markets structures, their roots, internal dynamics, and repercussions on the use of force.

    PhD Supervision/ Letters of recommendation

    I welcome PhD-projects in the following areas:
    • Privatization of Security
    • Commercial Non-State Actors in Civil Wars
    • Irregular Warfare and Counterinsurgency
    • Military Interventions
    • International Norm Change

    Letters of recommendation
    I am happy to provide letters of recommendation for students if the following applies:
    (1) The student has taken at least one of my module.
    (2) I have been informed before my name was put down as a reviewer.
    (3) The marks average a merit or higher.
    (4) CV, transcripts, and other relevant material have been supplied to me.
    (5) I require all documents at least two week before the deadline.

    Research Grants

    The Impact of Mercenaries and PMSCs on Civil War Dynamics


    October 2017 - December 2020