Professor Erika Harris PhD., BA

Professor Politics


    Ethnicity, nationalism and state-formation in post-communist Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and post-Soviet space, including kin-states and their impact on geopolitics of their regions. I am currently working on a book 'The Dilemma of Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe' (Bristol University Press, 2023).

    Conceptual, empirical and normative questions about citizenship, borders and national self-determination in contemporary Europe.

    PHD Supervision: nationalism and ethnic politics, democratisation, Europeanisation and radical right in Central Europe, the Balkans and the post-Soviet space.

    Research Grants

    The changing context of minority politics.


    September 2004 - June 2005

    Ethnic politics in post-communist Europe and a new research agenda for studies of ethnicity


    September 2010 - September 2012

    Research Collaborations

    Centre for Russsian, Central aand East European Studies

    Project: KINPOL: Observatory on Kin-State Policies
    External: University of Glasgow

    This research platform brings together a network of practitioners and academic researchers with expertise in kin-state policies, their nature and limits as well as relations between kin-states, kin-minorities, homelands and international organisations

    Erika Harris

    Project: Borders, sovereignty and self-determination in contemporary Europe

    For some, the European Union and the broader framework of European security and human rights have lowered the threshold and costs of independence. Others look beyond the nation-state model in which sovereignty is pooled and shared at multiple levels. Neither the states nor the EU as a whole have developed consistent normative and legal principles for dealing with these challenges. The project, which will include the disciplines of political science, international relations and law, addresses these linked issues, through new conceptualizations and approaches to borders and self-determination in contemporary Europe.

    Professor Simon Maskel

    Project: Pilot Project: Computational and Holistic Social Science for Understanding Conflict

    This project seeks to develop an holistic understanding of conflict that spans the physical and social sciences with a view to building decision support tools that help to make good strategic decisions related to conflict (for example, radicalisation).