2015 Northern Ireland General Election Survey

About the Project

This election study was based upon 1,500 detailed face-to-face questionnaire-based interviews with a random sample of the electorate in Northern Ireland, conducted by Social Market Research. Data from the study has now been published by the UK Data Service.

The study was designed to examine the basis of people’s party choice at the 2015 Westminster election:

  • Why did they vote for a particular party?
  • What are the religious, social class, economic and other key variables in determining voting patterns at the election?
  • Is there any sign of a thawing of the ethno-national divide?
  • What were the main issues at the election for voters?
  • Did some voters switch parties and if so, why?

Attitudes towards other important questions, including those of parades, victims and the past, was also addressed by the study.

Project Team

Principal Investigator: Professor Jon Tonge


  • Professor Jocelyn Evans (Leeds)
  • Professor Bernadette Hayes (Aberdeen)
  • Professor Paul Mitchell (LSE)
  • Professor Peter Shirlow (Queen’s University Belfast).


The project has received funding of £202,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council.