Mate Subašić 

Postgraduate Research Student


Before starting his PhD at the University of Liverpool, Mate graduated BA and MA in Politics from University in Zagreb. He attended other institutions across East and South East Europe throughout his studies after successfully applying for different exchange programs. He had an opportunity to live and study in Bratislava, Sarajevo and Skopje, which significantly contributed to broadening his knowledge of the region.

Mate was engaged in numerous projects to collect and interpret data, primarily through conducting interviews and focus groups across the region. Projects have included different target groups, often focusing on vulnerable groups such as war veterans, ethnic minority members and civilian war victims. 

At the University of Liverpool, Mate is teaching several modules at UG level, focused on International Relations and Comparative Politics. He is a recognised HEA Associate Fellow.   

Mate is also a member of Europe and the World Centre management committee. He contributes by initiating and organising academic and public lectures. He is also a member of several research associations such as BASEES, ASEN, PSA and BISA. He has actively contributed to the BISA working group on South East Europe. 

Thesis Title 

"Context and Identity: Transborder Croat community in Herzegovina" 

Research Interests

Mate’s research focuses on how transborder ethnic communities perform and engage with ethnic identity in everyday life. He tries to establish how individuals reconcile with the ethnic and national identity, bounded by attachments to two neighbouring states – one by its ethnic belonging and other by its residency. 

His research unpacks complex concepts such as ethnicity, nationality and state by looking at how ordinary people experience and engage with those concepts in their everyday life. Mate draws data from the interviews he has conducted throughout his fieldwork in Herzegovina. 

Beyond the thesis scope, Mate is interested in other ways in which ethnicity and nationality are expressed, especially in East and South East Europe. He is also curious about ethnically divided societies, ethnic minorities, the role of the state and state-building policies, especially citizenship policies and qualitative research methods. 

He is also interested in current political developments across the region. 

Research Funding

Mate’s research is funded by the University of Liverpool, through Graduate Teaching Scheme. He has secured additional funding for his research activities through BASEES R&D grants scheme and RESTEP Knowledge Mobilization Scholarship. 


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