Kieran Garrard

Postgraduate Research Student 

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Post-growth: a new paradigm for UK economic policy?"

This thesis is interested in the conditions necessary for a paradigm shift in economic policy. Paradigm shifts are defined by a change in the hierarchy of policy goals. Despite the climate crisis, economic growth remains the primary goal of economic policy. One strand of thinking - post-growth theory - has questioned this, suggesting that planetary boundaries mean that the economy cannot grow in perpetuity and that we must find a way to prosper without relying on economic growth. Using a comparative case-study methodology, this thesis traces the process by which the neoclassical paradigm shifted to Keynesianism during the 1940s, and the process by which the Keynesian paradigm shifted to monetarism in 1979. Can these cases give insight into the prospects for the post-growth paradigm in the present day?

Research Funding

John Lennon Memorial Scholarship Fund