Research Data Management Policy

This policy sets out the principles that should be followed by staff and students of the University in the creation, collection and curation of research data.

The University of Liverpool is committed to maintaining the highest standards of rigour and integrity in its research. It recognises that data collected in the conduct of a research project (termed research data) are a key asset that will continue to yield benefits after the conclusion of the project. Many research projects collect personal data from individuals (termed personal research data). The University recognises its duty to protect the confidentiality of the personal research data in keeping with its responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation, and any research project that collects personal data must have formal ethical approval from the University.

This policy covers all data collected during the course of a research study regardless of format or whether or not the research is funded. It applies to all members of the University conducting research or involved in the creation, collection or curation of research data.

Administrative paper records arising from research projects (i.e. research grant documentation, consent forms etc.), are covered by the University’s policy on Records Management.

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