Statement of Policy and Procedures of Disclosure of Interest

This Policy applies to all staff and students of the University, to all external members of Council and its committees and all others working in the University, including those holding honorary positions. It also applies to University staff who act as directors of subsidiary companies of the University. A reference in this policy to staff or students includes any person within the scope of the policy.

The University of Liverpool encourages members of its staff to engage in a wide variety of external activities, such as serving on government, business and community boards, providing expert advice, media commentary, professional practice, schools outreach, international projects and collaborations with the commercial world, including via research and development, knowledge exchange, consultancy, intellectual property (IP) licencing and involvement in ‘spinout’ companies

The University’s policy is to encourage and foster external activities whilst ensuring that when conflicts or perceived conflicts of interest arise they are acknowledged and disclosed, and in relevant cases, properly managed. 

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