Solar Challenge Team

The University of Liverpool Solar Challenge Team is a group of students with often as many as 75-100 members from across the University. Backgrounds include those in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Mechanical, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering, Business Management and Finance, all coming together to design and build a solar-powered aircraft. The Department of Physics has frequently supported the Team and this highlights our commitment to providing our students a wide range of learning opportunities.

The primary aim of the solar challenge team is to develop a craft suitable to compete at the International Solar Challenge, an event looking to jumpstart Solar Aviation in the UK. As a team, we also have plans to conduct outreach in local schools to educate and encourage young people into STEM subjects at University and beyond.

We have and will also continue to attend National engineering and applied science events to promote the team, STEM and green energy. Long term, the team want to move beyond the British Record in solar-powered flight and towards the World Record, and hopefully even towards commercialisation of our designs.

The team are completely self-run, supported by industry and university partners. The majority of our support comes from the Department of Physics, the Green Guild & the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy. Industry partners include Sigmatex (our Carbon Fibre supplier), Gochermann Solar (our Solar Cell provider) and Easy Composites (one of the teams material suppliers).


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