Physics with Education MPhys

Why opt-in to Physics with Education (with recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status)?

This programme has been designed for those who are ready to start their career in education whilst studying at Liverpool.  Students enrolled on any of our physics programmes apply for a place on the programme in their second year and then specialise in education during the third and fourth year of study.  The programme results in a physics degree and a professional teaching qualification which allows you to start teaching immediately.

Taught jointly with Liverpool John Moores University, this programme balances your knowledge of cutting edge physics and how to teach it effectively as well as giving you at least 120 days leading lessons in local schools.

Currently (2016/17) this programme is supported by a £9,000 per year bursary for the third and fourth year of study.


* Apply for other Physics programme and then transfer F30E

Programme length: 4 years

MPhys Physics with Education is an option for those considering a career in teaching.  The programme combines studying physics in great depth and Initial Teacher Training (ITT) so that you graduate with both a degree in Physics and the training and experience for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). QTS is a professional qualification which allows you to start teaching immediately without the need to study for an additional year.

You select and study your main Physics degree and during your first and second years and have the opportunity to take the optional modules ‘Working with Physics Education I & II’ which gives you experience of working with school aged audiences. The programme offers complete flexibility and you only have to decide at the end of Year Two to take the further education option with additional qualification for teaching. You then apply and interview for a place on the MPhys Physics with Education programme.  

Building on a foundation of core Physics topics this challenging degree specialises in secondary science education in Years 3 and 4 whilst also studying some advanced Physics options.  The course has six Initial Teacher Training modules, provided by Liverpool John Moores University and 120 days of teaching practice in local partner schools. Both years 3 and 4 will extend beyond the usual University of Liverpool terms to fit the school placement dates. The course culminates in an extended project co-supervised by staff at both Department of Physics and of Liverpool and combines both physics and education to design, create and evaluate education materials.

Upon successful completion of the programme you will receive an MPHYS (PGDE) – 120 Level 7 (Masters) credits (6 x 20 credit modules), which is conferred by University of Liverpool

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) – which is recommended by Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and conferred by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)

Core physics topics include: Newtonian Dynamics, Wave Phenomena, The Material Universe, Working with Physics, Practical Physics and Maths for Physics, Electromagnetism, Condensed Matter, Quantum and Atomic Physics and Nuclear and Particle Physics. You will also take Mathematics, Computing and Experimental Physics modules in support of these studies.

Core education topics include: subject pedagogy, inclusion, learning, teaching and assessment and developing professional reflective practice. You will work in schools to support these studies.

Even with the specialisation in Education there are some physics options to choose from in years 3 and 4.  Check out the module details for options.


Is this my only route into teaching?

No there are many routes into teaching check out the Department of Education’s website. 

Will I have to teach biology on the Physics with Education programme?

Yes, you will be trained as a Science Teacher.