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Prof Robert Page

Professor Physics


    Research Interest 1

    My interests are the structure of extremely proton-rich nuclei and shape coexistence.

    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Exotic nuclear shapes with radioactive ion beams
    • Capital Equipment 2018
    • Solenoidal Magnet for ISOL-SRS
    • Nuclear Physics Consolidated Grant
    • ISOL-SRS: ISOL Beam Storage Ring Spectrometer
    • Pravda (Proton Radiotherapy Verification and Dosimetry Applications) – Integrated computed tomography and dosimetry instrument for proton therapy
    • Consolidated nuclear physics grant 2011
    • Nuclear Physics Rolling Grants 2013 (equipment bid)
    • Decay spectroscopy of exotic nuclei at FAIR.
    • Trapped antihydrogen - towards spectroscopy.
    • Probing the limit of nuclear existence for heavy proton rich nuclei.
    • European isotope separation on-line radioactive ion beam facility (EURISOL DS).
    • Exploring the limits of nuclear existence for heavy proton-rich nuclei
    • European nuclear structure integrated infrastructure initiative (EURONS).
    • Studies of Exotic Nuclei Using Tagging Spectrometers (EXOTAG).
    • Nuclear Physics Consolidated Grant
    • Nuclear Structure Astrophysics and Reactions (NuSTAR) at FAIR
    • Spectroscopy of superheavy nuclei: The SAGE spectrometer.
    • Precision Tests of the Nuclear Wavefunction using Exotic Beams
    • Studies of nuclei far from stability by tagging techniques.
    • Studies of exotic nuclear states with radioactive beams.
    • Pulse shape analysis to improve the performance of semiconductor radiation detectors.