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Dr Desmond Barber B.Sc Ph.D CPhys FInstP

Visiting Professor of Physics Physics


Research Interest 1

I have a broad range of interests in physics and mathematics but I specialise in the
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theory and phenomenology of spin dynamics in high energy particle accelerators and storage rings</A>,
with the aim, together with students, of:
gaining new or deeper insights (e.g., with the aid of a geometrical object known as the Invariant Spin Field),
finding new ways to estimate
attainable polarisation levels,
optimising for high polarisation during the design of new and existing facilities.
For details see:
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Polarised beams are:
useful for increasing the information on couplings from high energy particle scattering experiments, and are, in particular, essential for realising the full potential of the ILC,
useful for beam diagnostics,
a huge challenge -- lining up the spins of particles moving at relativistic energies in the
complicated magnetic fields of accelerators is
no doddle,

We are currently considering polarisation at:
eRHIC (polarised e-p collisions at Brookhaven National Laboratory),
LHeC (polarised electrons at the LHC at CERN),
SuperB (a study for polarised electons and positrons at a B-factory in Frascati, Italy),
ILC (polarised electrons and positrons in the damping rings and the linac),
COSY (at Juelich, Germany: polarised protons and deuterons). <hr>