Photo of Dr Asim Mumtaz

Dr Asim Mumtaz MEng, MPhil, PhD, FHEA

Lecturer/Academic Manager - EPRSC Centre for Doctoral Training: New and Sustainable Photovoltaics Physics


Thin Film Solar Cells

CdTe grain boundaries
Perovskite / Inorganic tandems with silicon solar cells
Electron and Hole transport layers for Perovskite solar cells

Electrodes for Li-ion Cells

Interested in the use of use Silicon and Carbon Nanotubes in anodes of Li-ion cells

Research Collaborations

Prof Ken Durose, Dr Jon Major


Grain boundaries in CdTe solar cells

Dr Tasmiat Rehman, Dr Imalka jayawardena

External: University of Southampton

Perovskite - Silicon tandem solar cells

Dr Muhammad Ahmed, Prof Ravi Silva

External: University of Surrey

Silicon/CNT Electrodes for Lithium ion cell

Dr. Malina Milanova, Dr Kieran Cheetham, Dr Ian Sandall

External: Central Laboratory of Applied Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Liquid Phase Epitaxy of III-V multi-junction solar cells