Previous Fröhlich Lecture Series


14th Feb 2018 Dr David G. Cerdeño (University of Durham) Seeing the Invisible: How to observe and identify the dark matter
31st Jan 2018 Professor Amalia Patane (University of Nottingham) From epitaxy to science and processing technologies of novel van der Waals crystals
6th Dec 2017 Dr Rhonda Hawkins (University of Sheffield) The Physics of moving cells and applications to cancer
22nd Nov 2017 Professor Ian Chapman (CEO UK Atomic Energy Authority) The path to delivering fusion power
1st Nov 2017 Professor James Riding (British Geological Survey Nottingham) What sedimentary rocks can tell us about astronomical cycles and climates in deep geological time


26th Apr 2017 Professor Themis Bowcock, University of Liverpool Magic Moments
29th Mar 2017 Dr Rhonda Hawkins, University of Sheffield The Physics of moving cells and applications to cancer
1st Mar 2017

Professor Richard Bowtell, University of Nottingham

Mapping brain function on the quantum level
1st Feb 2017 Professor Mike Charlton, Swansea University Making Antimatter Count
16th Nov 2016 Professor Alberto Vecchio, University of Birmingham The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
26th Oct 2016 Professor Beate Heinemann, University of California, Berkeley Latest news on the Higgs Boson: ATLAS and CMS at the Large Hadron Collider: past, present and future


2 March 2016 Professor Jeff Holly, University of Bristol Now that it is becoming clear that cancer is not a genetic probleem; how can we re-engage the other sciences?
10 February 2016 Professor Keith Ellis, University of Durham How to Produce a Higgs Boson?
3 February 2016 Professor Frances Saunders CB, Insitute of Physics Translating research into economic impact - the challenges and pitfalls
4 November 2015 Professor Francesca Di Lodovico, Queen Mary University of London Chasing up ghost particles to address the matter - antimatter asymmetry in the Universe
14 October 2015 Professor Tom McLeish FRS, University of Durham Physics - a Trespassing Discipline: Brownian motion in flowing polymers and signalling proteins
30 June 2015 Professor Arieh Ben-Naim, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Entropy of mixing and entropy of assimilation - An information/theoretical view
22 April 2015 Dr Steve Barrett, University of Liverpool Putting People Under the Microscope
18 March 2015 Professor Judith Driscoll, University of Cambridge Nanoscale functional oxide thin film for next generation electronic and energy technologies
11 February 2015 Professor Pete Butler, University of Liverpool Atomic Nuclei Going Pear-Shaped