During our second year Physics studies we were introduced to electronics where we learnt the basic concepts of the subject and its real life applications. With generous funding from the Physics Department, Stephenson Institute, the Teaching and Learning Institute and Centre of Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics which we won in the "Dragon's Den" style competition, we were given the creative freedom to design and complete our task.

The basis of our project was driven by our desire to incorporate an aspect of renewable energy into the device we created. We collaborated with the electrical engineering and electronics department to produce, SUNNIE, a solar-powered, light-following robot during 3 weeks of summer.


This opportunity to learn beyond the scope of our course has enabled us to develop transferable skills that would be necessary in the work place. The interdisciplinary aspect of the project allowed the collaboration of subject knowledge benefitting all participating students and resulting in a successful project – a functioning robot.

Stephenson Institute

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