ROBOBAR an automated mocktail making machine

"As part of an electronics module in our second year at university, we had the opportunity to design a prototype for a unique electronic device which was to be presented in a Dragon’s Den style competition. As a team, we decided to build Robobar- a mocktail making machine- as we considered it to be challenging and inventive. We wanted to utilise the skills we had gained within the lab combined with our own research to ensure device worked as designed. After winning the competition, we were kindly provided with funding from the physics department to build our device over the summer. 

The internship was a fantastic experience where we built a variety of systems and gained a vast amount of experience in mechatronics, project management, and electronic designs. We did this in conjunction with the Departments of engineering and electronic engineering and used a variety of manufacturing techniques including laser cutting and 3D printing. This experience has helped us to succeed in being selected for internships and placements outside of the university and has been a great interview topic."

ROBOBAR an automated mocktail making machine. Follow the Robobar team on Twitter @UoL_Robobar