Nancy Mohamed Elbaz

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I have recently completed my PhD in chemistry at the University of Liverpool. My story started in 2009 after completing my undergraduate study (Bachelor of pharmacy) at Misr International University in Cairo, Egypt. I believe in continuing education and one of my dreams was to pursue my PhD in the field of nanomedicine at a highly ranked university. Taking a step toward my dream, I enrolled in the Master of nanotechnology program at the American University in Cairo (AUC) in 2010. During my postgraduate studies, my main goal was to gain valuable research experience and to strengthen my knowledge in oncology and nanomedicine to develop into a distinguished professional researcher and pharmacist. My Master thesis was about developing nanoparticles-based combinatorial therapy for breast cancer and this research finding was U.S. patented and published in Nature Scientific Reports.

Never give up till turning your dream into reality

All of my scientific instincts tell me that one of the most promising treatments of many diseases in the future will be related to the advances in the field of nanomedicine. Following my instincts, I joined another research institution in Egypt, Zewail city of science and technology, as a research assistant. I worked at formulating an oral targeted delivery system for the treatment of liver cancer and published many papers in international peer-reviewed journals.  I also enrolled as a PhD student at Zewail city of science and technology for 6 months. However, I changed my mind later because this was not fulfilling my dream, which is pursuing PhD at a highly ranked university abroad. I therefore kept looking for PhD opportunities worldwide. In 2016, I was awarded a Bayer company fellowship to conduct a nanomedicine research project at Philips Marburg University in Germany. During my work in Germany, I also kept looking for PhD opportunities until my dream turned into reality. In 2017, I was awarded an international research postgraduate studentship from the University of Liverpool to pursue my PhD study. At university of Liverpool, My PhD study was about developing an oral delivery system for the treatment of colon cancer.  During my PhD study, I published many research papers in international peer-reviewed journals and participated in many international conferences.  I can describe myself as highly motivated person in terms of goal setting, time management, and prioritizing the skills that help me to achieve what I aim to do. I aspire to carry on working in the nanomedicine/drug delivery field and find a job as a drug delivery/formulation scientist. I hope to encourage new generations of chemists and pharmacists and to inspire overseas girls and women to pursue their careers in science.