Marianna Pateli

Marianna Pateli

If I know one thing for myself is that, first, my name is Marianna and second, is that I always wanted to wear the white coat and the goggles that crazy scientists were wearing in movies that I was watching as a kid. The passion of scientists for the truth and the explanation and the continuous hunt for more questions and more answers was always truly fascinating and inspiring to me and it shaped my way of thinking. Thus, I decided I wanted to be one of them.

During school times, I was always enjoying maths and biology, while I was a little bit afraid of physics. However, my true love was chemistry and its fascinating aspect of metals. Metals were always exciting to me, their differences, their discoveries, and their application to our everyday world. Most of the things we do and most of the things we possess, involve various set of metals. So, I knew I had to study their science! Hence, after high school, I started my studies at the National and Technical University of Athens on the field of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering with expertise on the Materials science. I finished these studies in 2016.

Well at this point, I need to confess that I am a recycling freak. So, by combining the fascination for metals and the love for recycling and environmental protection, I ended up applying for a PhD position at University of Leicester regarding the recycling of metals from industrial residues using environmentally friendly solvents called deep eutectic solvents. This project was funded by Horizon 2020 and the project was called SOCRATES ETN. It was a wonderful experience and I learned so many things about sustainability, while making friends from all around the world, plus the bonus of having Dr before my name now.

During these studies, I started becoming very interested in the recycling of metals from lithium ion batteries. Why? Because lithium ion batteries are the future, which means their recycling is of most significance.! While experimenting with their recycling, I started becoming even more interested on how they work and how they are produced. So, I knew the next step was to be involved in a research team focusing on the development of batteries and so it happened.

I moved to Liverpool on March of 2020, after finishing my PhD studies, and started working as a project scientist in the team of Prof Laurence Hardwick. Currently, I am involved in the development of Li S batteries (which by the way, may be the future in the sense of sustainability) and in the study of all solid state batteries. These past months have been exciting, because almost every day I am learning something new.

Of course, I have not forgotten my ultimate love, which is the recycling of metals and I hope in the future I would be able to contribute to my world by making it a little bit greener!