Equality and Diversity Group

Ronan McGrath

Professor Ronan McGrath

Professor of Physics and Chair of the Group

Louise Hobson

Mrs Louise Hobson

Head of Operations, School of Physical Sciences

Kamila Zychaluk

Dr Kamila Zychaluk

Lecturer in Mathematical Sciences and School of Physical Sciences Lead for Equality and Diversity

Corina Constantinescu

Professor Corina Constantinescu

Professor in Mathematical Sciences

Gita Sedghi

Dr Gita Sedghi

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Ozgur Selsil

Dr Ozgur Selsil

Lecturer in Mathematical Sciences

Yvonne Grunder

Dr Yvonne Grunder

Research Fellow in Physics

Anna Slater

Dr Anna Slater

Research Fellow in Chemistry

Ian Bamber

Mr Ian Bamber

Senior Administrative Officer, School of Physical Sciences

Terms of Reference

  • To develop strategy in relation to issues of diversity and equality in the School of Physical Sciences.
  • To be aware of responsibilities under equality and diversity legislation.
  • To work on the Athena SWAN process.