Catalyst Event

Catalyst Event: Is there ever a right time to die?

An opportunity to discuss, share and reflect on death and dying in the context of the NHS 

It is often assumed that the longer we can keep a patient alive the better it is. The right time to die is then the last possible moment. But is that really so? Are there not situations in which a patient would be better served if their life was not prolonged and they died under different circumstances and in a different environment? When is it best to die? And accordingly, where and how is it best to die?

This innovative event gathered together people from diverse backgrounds across the health and social care sector, specialists in end of life care, academics working in this field, members of the public and anyone with an interest in death and dying either professionally or personally. 

The event was a participative event based on Open Space facilitation. Delegates were invited to take part in discussions and to share expertise and knowledge. For more details about Open Space and Catalyst events you can view two short animations at:

Open Space Technology

The Catalyst Process

The aims of the event were to: 

  • Identify questions of importance to policy makers, commissioners, service providers, clinicians, patients and the public. 
  • Give colleagues in the North West of England an idea of strengths and potential gaps in end of life care in health and social care organizations.
  • Create new, exciting and innovative collaborations to develop research questions, innovation ideas and service developments.
  • Improve links between the NHS, Universities and other organizations with which to facilitate research and support changes in practice.
  • Allow participants to reflect on their personal approach to death and dying.

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