Religion, Ethics and Practical Philosophy

Religion, Ethics and Practical Philosophy

This group carries forward a strong Liverpool tradition of producing world class, practical philosophy research that draws on expertise in many traditions.

Our philosophical interests are diverse, encompassing ethics, philosophy of religion, environmental philosophy, political philosophy, Indian philosophy and history of philosophy, but share a focus on practical import.

We welcome expressions of interest from research students wishing to work on projects relating to any of the range of interests listed here.


Dr Christopher Bartley
Dr Simon Hailwood
Dr Daniel Hill
Dr Stephen McLeod
Dr Attila Tanyi
Dr Panayiota Vassilopoulou
Dr Daniel Whistler

Partnerships and collaborations

Attila Tanyi collaborates with colleagues in various universities in Europe and the United States to work on problems posed by the alleged demandingness of moral theory. His ‘how hard can it get’ project can be viewed here.

Daniel Hill works with the Tyndale Fellowship, regularly contributes to their events and, from 2016, is Chair of their philosophy of religion study group.

Stephen McLeod is a member of the ‘What Are Needs?’ project, coordinated at George Washington University, and is working with members of CAST (Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology) at Liverpool on a project on machine-assisted ethical decision-making in emergency situations.

Daniel Whistler holds a Humboldt Fellowship at the University of Münster (2014-16), where he is working with the archives on a re-assessment of the work of early German Romantic and Idealist Franz Hemsterhuis. He is also collaborating with Iain Hamilton Grant (University of the West of England) on a British Academy-funded research network project on Schelling’s philosophy of nature


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