University wide training for RDF domain A: Knowledge and intellectual abilities

Image of Quadrant Domain A


The opportunities in this section ranges from the subject specific training in your research area, to more general methods such library training, computer software courses, and encompass wider concepts such as critical thinking.



Subject specialist courses

Consult  your local PGR Handbook  for courses offered by School, Institute or training centre or see the course lists in Vital below.

Library guides and Training

The Library provides online and face-to-face training opportunities to help new researchers improve their information management skills and develop an understanding of the copyright issues related to PhD research.


Engage represents a cross-faculty research and methods initiative that organises and supports a range of research methods related activities, including workshops and presentations.

Computing Services

CSD provide online IT resources and short courses, topics include SPSS, use of databases and Introductions to Microsoft Office software.

Continuing Education (CE) courses

You can learn a subject or new language from over 250 courses. There are specific fee arrangements for University of Liverpool students.

Research Methods Online Resources (LDC Development team)

These modules cover research methods for various disciplines.

English Language centre

The ELC provide workshops in Thesis Writing for international research post-graduates.

LDC Development Programme

  • This programme includes workshops to help you develop problem-solving, innovation and critical thinking skills under the Creative & Critical Thinking theme.
  • Workshops and webinars  under the Writing and Presentations themes cover argument construction  and   intellectual risk in the context of publication and presentations.

Vital Course lists

Vital provides a facility to view a full list of current (and past) courses. You will need to log into Vital and to find the box to search all courses. Enter a key word to see a list of modules with that word in the title. You will only be able to see the full course information if you have either staff or student access to that course. However you will see a list of course owners whom you can contact if you want further information or access.