Paid roles in LDC Development webinars

The scheme offers a variety of paid roles at webinars. You can begin by developing your online skills in facilitation through assisting at a webinar in our formal programme. When you have gained sufficient experience you can move on to develop short webinar activities to contribute to new LDC development webinars and you may then develop your own webinars. Further details of each role are outlined below.

1) Assistant tutor in LDC development webinars

Role: The role includes monitoring the software Chat area for questions, facilitating the discussions in that area  and working with the tutor to manage the session. During the sessions  assistant tutors can share their experiences and problems that they have overcome and any useful tips/techniques they have learnt.

A list of dates and titles will be provided twice yearly to all who have confirmed interest in this area of support and places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

2) Tutor in LDC development webinars

For the webinars ‘What to expect and what to do early in the PhD’ and ‘Support for international researchers’, we look for tutors prepared to take a major role in delivery, and adapt slides used in the previous sessions. Tutors may be asked to work in pairs for these sessions.

3) Tutors contributing to a proposed new series of ‘PGR webinar forum’ sessions

These sessions are currently under development, but we hope they will offer tutors a chance to create and deliver ‘mini-sessions’ before they move on to develop  a hour long webinar. Further details on our plans for these sessions are provided to all to have confirmed interest in the support of webinar delivery.

4) PGR Developer to create and deliver your own webinars

In this role, you will have the support of a LDC Researcher Developer, who will also provide support with the software in the delivery. If you have an idea for a session and want advice on how to proceed, please get in touch and we can meet up and create a plan to take your idea forward.

Once you have created a plan for the delivery, the process for establishing the event in the LDC Development timetable is as follows:

    • You will need to produce a webinar title, summary and workshop time-plan. These should be submitted to the LDC Development team at least two months in advance of the date that has been agreed for delivery.

    • Your proposals will be reviewed by the development team and feedback will be provided.

    • The LDC Development team will support you during your ongoing preparation and delivery, including management of the technical arrangements unless you prefer to undertake this process.

    • The LDC Development team will manage all registration and advertising of the webinar.

Previous PGR tutored webinars: In 2018-19 three webinars were offered in the programme, created and delivered by PhD researchers: ‘Making the Most of Academic Conferences’, ‘Writing for 'The Conversation' - for PhD researchers’ and ‘Using Twitter for Academic Purposes’.