Full Programme

The full Development Tutor Scheme includes the following range of activities and resources. The scheme is flexible and you may sign up for just one activity or for several events at different times during your research degree.  However, participants may be expected to attend relevant training events, particularly before you deliver at workshops, unless you have appropriate  prior experience.

The links below provide further information on the relevant activities.

  1. Facilitation Training/development workshops and webinars These events form part of the  LDC Development programme open to all PGR researchers, under theFacilitation theme’.
  2. Observation sessions   - All participants may request an opportunity to observe a LDC Development Programme workshop, which will usually be the workshop, 'Taking Ownership of the PhD', at a mutually agreed time. Further guidance to make the most of this role as observer is available in the Tutor Scheme handbook.
  3. Assistant tutor at webinars in the LDC Development Programme. Assistants will facilitate online during the webinar and can share their own experience.
  4. Assistant tutor at the workshop ‘Taking Ownership of your PhD’ -  Each workshop requires the support of two PGR tutors and the workshop is repeated several times during the year.
  5. Co-development of new webinars in the LDC Development Programme. Working with an LDC Developer, you will help create and deliver new webinars the form part of the ongoing programme.
  6. Plan and deliver your own webinar – You may work on your own or with a colleague and will be offered  guidance and support from the LDC Development Team.
  7. Plan and deliver your own short or half-day workshopAgain you may work on your own or with a colleague and will be offered  guidance and support from the LDC Development Team.

SharePoint area for the Development Tutor Scheme - All those registered with the scheme can gain access to a SharePoint area set up for the scheme. This area will include advertisements for upcoming paid opportunities, together with our ideas for future development of the programme. You can also add your own suggestions and contribute to the discussions to help identify areas of interest where you would like to contribute.

The Scheme Handbook  contains further details and support for the above activities.