The Record of Supervisory Meetings

All full -time students are expected to record formal meetings with their supervisor on a monthly basis (section 3 of the Guide on the academic progress of PGR students,  Appendix 3 of the Code of Practice). Part-time students are expected to record meetings every two months.

The dates and agenda for each meeting should be entered in advance of the meeting and all records for a reporting year, 1st June to 31st May should be entered into the PGR toolbox by the 31st May each year for input into the Annual Progress Reports.

The requirements to record meetings with your Supervisor are set out in section 3 of the Guide on the academic progress of PGR students,  Appendix 3 of the Code of Practice. These records are checked regularly within Schools and Institutes and as part of the Annual Progress reporting.

A video introduction to the Record of Supervisory Meetings is available in . This is provided in the PGRToolbox resources area as part of a recording of a PGR Toolbox webinar.

The Liverpool PGR Toolbox

You will need to record these formal meetings in the Record of Supervisory Meetings in Liverpool PGR toolbox in Liverpool Life. The process is as follows:

  • Before each formal meeting, you will need to set an agenda for the meeting, which should include a summary of your progress since the previous meeting, set against the targets set at the last meeting, and also your targets for your future research.
  • At the meeting, you and your supervisor can then view and discuss the agenda, progress report and targets, and make changes to these items as necessary, which you may add as minutes for the record.
  • Sign-off: The record is complete when your supervisor signs this off.

Your record of supervisory meetings enables you to look back and see your progress in your research.

The Record of supervisory meeting allows you to enter private notes for which you can use to record the progress of your work for your own records and planning purposes or any concerns you have about this process.