Record of Supervisory Meetings - FAQs covering how to use the system

    I haven’t recorded any meetings, is it too late?

    No, start with the first meeting you had and record each further meeting in order. You do not need to record meetings in chronological order, but this process is recommended. We also recommend that you record the meetings each month at the time to keep this record up to date.

    I have not entered any meetings, can I enter meetings retrospectively?

    Yes, start from the earliest meeting you need to record.

    My supervisor cannot see my records, or I cannot record a meeting with my primary supervisor, why is this?

    There are a few possible reasons for this. Start by checking that your supervisor details are correct in the 'Supervisors Tutors ' area under the ‘Academic tab’ in Liverpool Life: 

    If the Primary supervisor displayed is not correct, then you should contact the PGR administrator  in your School/Institute and ask them to contact the PGR Student team with the correct details.

    What can I enter for the Agenda?

    These are the issues that you wish to discuss with your supervisor at the formal meeting, examples of issues could include, the interpretation of text and/or results, equipment requirements, access to journals, discussion of a thesis chapter or publication and so on.

    What records will my supervisor see?

    Your supervisor will see the Progress, Targets and Agenda items once you have sent these via email. You can also keep a private diary for your own records, particularly if you have concerns about your supervision or own progress and wish to keep records.

    What can my second supervisor do/see ?

    Your second supervisor should be able to see all the information that has been added by you both Agenda and Post-meeting record sessions, and by your Primary supervisor  as part of sign-off.

    Where your Primary supervisor has allowed your second supervisor to sign off the record, your second supervisor will also be able to add notes before signing off the record.

    If you have a question that relates to the 'when' and 'why' you need to log meetings please refer to the Research Student Administration FAQs page