The LDC Development programme offers a range of support to help postgraduate researchers manage many of the problems they will encounter during the PhD.

Narration for the Resilience Theme (PDF) 



  • Online Workshops and webinars 2020 – 2021


    Three workshops in our Taking Ownership series of online workshops for new researchers will help you develop skills in this theme:

    • Taking Ownership of your PhD 4 Time-management in the PhD
    • Taking Ownership of your PhD 5 Working with your supervisor
    • Taking Ownership of your PhD 7 Surviving the PhD

    We also have  further online workshop

    We hope to repeat this session in 2021 and to add further workshops supporting this theme in   in 2021

  • Online provision


    The LDC Development  online resources include the following titles that are particularly relevant to this theme:

  • Wider University support:


    The University's Wellbeing Hub offers guidance on the support available to postgraduate research students.