Developing your Presentation Skills

The programme includes workshops, webinars and online resources that collectively offer advice, guidance and opportunities to practise your presentation skills as you develop into a professional presenter.


  • Workshops


    There are two workshops that focus on specifically on presentation skills:

    We have a further workshop that focusses on networking at conferences and to help you talk confidently about your research.

    The following workshop will help you plan your presentation and is recommended  particularly for new researchers or for when you need to communicate to a multi-disciplinary audience:

    Workshop dates are published in the Programme timetable and registration is open at least one month beforehand.

  • Webinars


    We have two webinars the offer advice and guidance for those preparing their presentations:

    See the Timetable for full details and our next delivery dates.

  • Online provision


    The online resources that offer specific guidance to help improve your presenations include

    We also provide an additional area with links to useful external web resources:


  • Preparing an Academic poster


    Many researchers, especially in Science and Engineering, will need to be able to present their research in Poster format. When done effectively, this delivery format can be an efficient way of communicating your research and making useful networking contacts. The LDC Development programme offers the following resources to help PGRs prepare to present at poster events:

    Webinar - For spring  2020 we are offering a webinar,

    Workshops -We offer a workshop that focusses on networking at conferences and to help you talk confidently about your research.

    Online provision - We have a short online package offering guidance on poster preparation:

     This resource also links to computing service advice on the technical aspects of preparing a poster in PowerPoint and other media and how to print posters on campus.

  • Personal Support


    Do you suffer from severe nerves when delivering a presentation?

    Most people experience some degree of nerves before any presentation, but for some, even the thought of standing in front of such an audience can cause extreme social anxiety. Yet presenting your research in front of an academic audience is an important part of the research environment.

    The LDC Development would like to offer  dedicated coaching sessions, that may start on a 1 to 1 basis,  to help anyone who would like advice and support to build your confidence to present your research effectively.

    For further details, please contact me, Dir Shirley Cooper, directly at