Facilitation skills are part of good leadership and important in experiential teaching environments. The programme offers a webinar and workshops to help you develop facilitation skills and the Development Tutor scheme offers paid practice to practise these skills.


Further details are outlined in the sections below:

  • Webinar and Workshops


    he following webinars and workshops were offered in 2019, but may be revised for 2020:

      • Webinar: Introduction to Facilitation
      • Becoming a Facilitator -half-day workshop
      • Webinar: Designing Workshops
      • Facilitating Workshops -half-day workshop

    We also offer a further webinar in this theme:


  • Development Tutor Scheme


    Participants who have completed the Facilitation training can apply for the Development Tutor Scheme, in which they can gain further paid experience either assisting in the LDC Development Programme or are supported to create and deliver their own development workshops for other post graduate researchers.

    See the Scheme outline for further details