Communication is an integral part of the research process, and therefore an important skill set to build as you develop as a researcher. The LDC Development team offer a wide range of opportunities, through workshops, webinars and online courses, to support your development in your writing and presentations. These sessions are practise based to support both your research writing and presentations. They also help you communicate to those outside your field. See the links above for specific details of our provision in writing and presentations.

  • Wider University support:


    Preparing to teach

    Teaching is a great way to improve your communication skills and many PGRs have opportunities to teach during their PhD. The Academy offers introductory workshops for those new to university teaching, as well as a developmental programme leading to Associate Fellow recognition of the HEA. This can be a great asset to your CV if you are preparing for an academic career after your PhD. More information about support for teaching can be found on the Academy website: