LDC Development Online resources area

LDC Development provide a ‘LDC Development Online resources area’ in the University system Canvas  that supplements the development programme of workshops and webinars. This resource is open to all PGRs at the University of Liverpool and can be accessed at any time.

Access the ‘LDC Development Online resources area’

- You will need to log in with your MWS credentials, with your username in the format username@liverpool.ac.uk

Content -  Our resources in Canvas are organised into two sections, with further information below:

LDC Development Online provision

The resources combine the  online resources with previous web content, plus further materials that supplement our workshops and, where available, workshop videos.

  • Taking Ownership of Your PhD  - materials from our introductory workshops for new PGRs
  • Communicating in Writing - materials to develop your academic writing, for your thesis and research publications
  • Communicating through Presentations -  materials looking at the requirements for research presentations and academic posters
  • Research Productivity - materials covering  time and Project management
  • Resilience and Well-being -  ways that you can manage the challenges of life as a researcher
  • Career Planning - guidance and an online course  help  to help your prepare for the next step in your career
  • Creativity & Critical thinking - an introduction to the problem-solving, innovation and critical thinking skills needed as a researcher

  • Support for the PGR Toolbox - including a video of a recent introductory webinar

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  • Research Ethics and Research Integrity - access to the Epigeum courses.
  • Cross-faculty training Opportunities - list updated as of April 2021